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 Coder Merlin™  Computer Science Curriculum Data

Unit: Lab basics

Experience Name: Wiki (W1001)

Knowledge and skills:

  • §10.111 Participate with electronic communities as a learner and contributor

Topic areas: Content management systems

Classroom time (average): 20 minutes

Study time (average): 10 minutes

Successful completion requires knowledge: understanding of how to use the wiki

Successful completion requires skills: ability to successfully navigate the wiki


Most likely, you're reading this page in a browser. If so, you've already accessed the wiki! A wiki is a knowledge base, a place where people can go to learn about a variety of topics. What differentiates a wiki from many other sites on the internet is its collaborative approach to editing the contents and structure of the site. Most wikis, including this one, allow willing participants to create an account and contribute to the site. This process enables wikis to grow through the efforts of many diverse individuals, hopefully leading to a better experience for all.


Navigation through this wiki occurs primarily through two means:

  1. Hyperlinks: Nearly all blue text is a hyperlink. Clicking on the link will take you to the relevant page.
  2. Page Name: Typing in the page name will take you directly to the relevant page. For example, this page is named Wiki.
  3. Experience ID: All experiences have a short code named the "Experience ID" (usually listed near the top of the page). This code will also take you directly to the page. For example, the Experience ID of this page is W1001.
  4. Search Bar: If you're not certain which page you need you can use the Search Bar at the very top of every wiki page. Entering a search term and then pressing <ENTER> or clicking on the magnifying glass will execute a search and provide you with a list of relevant pages.


This wiki, perhaps in conjunction with a guide, will take you, an explorer, on a journey through a series of experiences in Computer Science. Each experience is contained on a wiki page titled for the subject of the experience. Additionally, experiences have a numeric experience code which begins with the letter "W". This page, for example, may be accessed either by entering the title of the experience (Wiki) or entering the experience ID (W1001) in the search bar.

Experiences will generally begin with some background information and then it'll be time for you to get your own feet wet by digging in deeper. There are a few icons that will be helpful to understand:

Key Concepts
This box will describe a summary of important concepts which should be thoroughly understood by the completion of the experience.

Helpful Hint
This box will describe a helpful hint that you'll likely find useful.

Observe, Ponder, and Journal : Section 1

This box will contain items which should be closely observed and pondered. Most such boxes will be labeled with a section number and one or more questions. For example:

  1. Why do you think section numbers begin with the number one?

You're expected to document your answers to these questions in your Digital Journal. Each entry must be consistently labeled with the section number, a period, and then the question number. For example, when answering this question, the identifier would be 1.1

You'll learn more about Digital Journals in Digital Journal. Until then, you'll probably find it helpful to document your answers on paper or digitally using your favorite text editor.


This box will contain a list of exercises that you need to perform in order to best master the subject matter of the experience. There are several different types of exercises. Some will be included on the page (perhaps in the form of a quiz) but more often exercises will require you to perform some puzzle solving or other work on the server.


This box will contain information about items that are critical to understand where a failure to understand could result in undesired consequences.

Going Deeper

This box will contain supplementary material which is not essential to understand yet may be intriguing for those wishing to understand at a deeper level.

Coming Soon

This box will contain topics that will soon be added to the wiki.


  • In most cases, the case of characters matter. "begin" is different from "Begin" and "BEGIN". Be sure to use the correct case.
  • Keys will appear within a keyboard key image. For example, if you are told to press RETURN the intent is for you to press the key labeled RETURN (or ENTER), not to type the characters R-E-T-U-R-N.
  • Key combinations will appear as two adjacent keyboard keys, separated by a hyphen. For example, CONTROL-c means that you should press and hold the CONTROL key, then press the c key, and then release the CONTROL key.
  • There are several different types of assessments and exercises. You'll notice that each experience is identified by the letter "W" followed by a numeric experience code, i.e. Wnnnn or Regardless of the type of exercise, the nnnn will always match that of the experience.
    • Experiences from the wiki that aren't part of the  Merlin Mission Manager  (you'll learn about this in experience W1008) will be labeled as Xnnnn
    • Excursions from the wiki that aren't part of the  Merlin Mission Manager  will be labeled as Cnnnn
    • Labs and assessments (quizzes and tests) that are part of  Merlin Mission Manager  will be labeled as Mnnnn
    • Reflections in the form of a journal (you'll learn about this in experience W1005) will be labeled as Jnnnn
    • Reflections in the form of an essay will be labeled as Ennnn

Experience Metadata

Experience ID W1001
Unit Lab basics
Knowledge and skills §10.111
Topic areas Content management systems
Classroom time 20 m
Study time 10 m
Acquired knowledge understanding of how to use the wiki
Acquired skill ability to successfully navigate the wiki
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