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Background A Sudoku board is made up of nine boxes. Boxes (container for nine cells) are listed from top-to-bottom, left-to-right indexed from zero. Cells are listed from top-to-bottom, left-to-right, indexed from zero. All valid payloads and responses must use well-formed JSON. “cells” is returned as follows: “cells”: [[<nine values from top-left>], [<nine values from top-middle>], …]

End Points

  • POST /games
   * Action: Creates a new game and associated board
   * Payload: None
   * Response: Id uniquely identifying a game
   * Status code: 201 Created
  • GET /games/<id>/cells
   * Action: None
   * Payload: None
   * Response: cells
   * Status code: 200 OK
  • PUT /games/<id>/cells/<boxIndex>/<cellIndex>
   * Action: Place specified value at in game at boxIndex, cellIndex
   * Payload: value (null for removing value)
   * Response: Nothing
   * Status: 204 No Content

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