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Topic Headers[edit]

Key Concepts[edit]


Part 1[edit]

You've been commissioned to create a new website for your local zoo. Create a website promoting the zoo:

  • Comprised of at least two pages linked to one another
  • Using CSS formatting that includes at least:
    • Centered text
    • Colored text
    • Colored background
    • Two each of class and id selectors
    • Three different font sizes/styles
  • Containing at least ten relevant images, positioned and sized appropriately
  • Aesthetically designed
  • The HTML and CSS must be in separate files
Helpful Hint

Images may be downloaded by using wget and then setting the permissions appropriately. For example:

wget https://sample.images.com/apple.jpg
chmod a+r apple.jpg

After the above has been completed, notify your invigilator for grading. Then:

Part 2[edit]

Create a third page which contains a contact form and collects, at minimum, the user's first name, last name, and email address. When the user submits the form, a php script must be executed which stores all of the fields along with a timestamp into a file called "contacts.csv". Each new form submissions must add a line to the existing file. After the submission, the user should be directed to an appropriate "Thank you" page.

After the above has been completed, notify your invigilator for grading.

Helpful Hint

In order to enable the web server to write the file, permissions will need to be adjusted. Execute the following:

touch contacts.csv
setfacl -m u:www-data:rw contacts.csv

Part 3[edit]

Create a program, written in any language of your choice supported by the server, that will read and parse the "contacts.csv" file and write a new file (in the same directory). The lines in the new file must be sorted alphabetically by the user's lastName and firstName. The new file must be named "contacts-sorted.csv".

After the above has been completed, notify your invigilator for grading.


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