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After you've become more familiar with emacs, here are some shortcuts that you may find helpful.

Building and Running (Merlin Extensions)[edit]

Key Sequence Purpose
F5 b Build
F5 r Build and Run

Language Services (Merlin Extensions)[edit]

Key Sequence Purpose
F6 a Apply action
F6 c Comment region
F6 d Find definition
F6 e List errors
F6 n Next error
F6 p Previous error
F6 r List references
F6 u Uncomment region
Shift-Tab List completion candidates
ALT-x lsp-restart-workspace Restart LSP
ALT-x lsp-describe-session Describes the current LSP session
ALT-x lsp-workspace-folders-remove project-root Remove project-root from the list of workspace folders
ALT-x lsp-workspace-folders-add project-root Add project-root to the list of workspace folders

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