TEKS-Fundamentals of Computer Science

From Coder Merlin
Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science ...
— Merlin, The Coder

Before Programming[edit]

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Career Opportunities §130.420(c)(1)(A)
Collaboration §130.420(c)(2)(A)
Publish Information §130.420(c)(2)(C)
Search Strategies Search Strategies §130.420(c)(3)(A)
Gather Authentic Data §130.420(c)(3)(B)
Binary §130.420(c)(4)(C)
Arithmetic Operators Arithmetic Operators §130.420(c)(4)(H)
Copyright Law §130.420(c)(5)(A)
Digital Ettiquite §130.420(c)(5)(B)
Computer Protection §130.420(c)(5)(C)
Social Networking §130.420(c)(5)(D)
Effects on Society §130.420(c)(5)(E)
Reliability of Information §130.420(c)(5)(F)
Hardware Basics Hardware Basics §130.420(c)(6)(A)
OS Tools §130.420(c)(6)(B)
Operating Systems §130.420(c)(6)(C)
Networking §130.420(c)(6)(D)
Operating System Technology §130.420(c)(6)(E)


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Stories, Games, Animations §130.420(c)(1)(B)
Variables §130.420(c)(4)(G)
Conditional Statements §130.420(c)(4)(J) & §130.420(c)(1)(C)
Interactive Story §130.420(c)(4)(L)
Inputs and Outputs §130.420(c)(6)(F)

Web Programming[edit]

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Web Pages §130.420(c)(1)(E)
Publish Solutions §130.420(c)(1)(F)
UI §130.420(c)(1)(G)
Scripting §130.420(c)(4)(B)

Programming Programming[edit]

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Random Numbers §130.420(c)(4)(M)
Algorithms Algorithms §130.420(c)(1)(D)
Problem Descriptions §130.420(c)(4)(D)
Coding Proficiency §130.420(c)(4)(E)
Data Types Data Types §130.420(c)(4)(F)
Sequences §130.420(c)(4)(I)
Iteration §130.420(c)(4)(K)
Debug and Solve Problems §130.420(c)(2)(B)