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What is Swift?[edit]

Swift is a programming language made for development on apple devices. Swift was created by Chris Lattner and started development in 2010. For programming on apple devices, swift is a great alternative to Objective C (Which most programmers hate).

  • Protocol-oriented programming (Basically OOP)
  • Basic value types
  • Access control
   1. open
   2. public
   3. internal
   4. fileprivate
   5. private
  • String support
   1. Being able to concatenate strings similar to python


Swift runs significantly faster than Python, PHP, LUA(Nobody uses this), and Ruby but runs much slower than rust and C. This is pretty good for an object-oriented programming language.

Why swift?[edit]

  • Swift is fast
  • Swift can be used on IOS devices
  • Swift is object-oriented
  • Swift is modern
  • Swift is common

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