Change Your Password

From Coder Merlin
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— Merlin, The Coder

When you first log on to the server you'll have been assigned a password. You should change this password to something that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess (or derive). (A good summary article of how to select strong passwords may be found here.)

The program that you'll use to change your password is passwd. It will prompt you three times.

  • You'll first enter your current password
  • then the new password that you want to use
  • and then finally, to ensure that you're entering the new password correctly, you'll be prompted a second time for the new password.
Hint.pngHelpful Hint

Remember that when you enter the password, what you type will not be echoed to the terminal. You'll just need to pretend that the your keypresses are being received.

Change your default password to a strong password:

john-williams@codermerlin:~$ passwd

Changing password for john-williams.

(current) UNIX password:

Enter new UNIX password:

Retype new UNIX password:

passwd: password updated successfully