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CoderMerlin Courier

Volume One, Issue Two - December Two Thousand Twenty

Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science

Current Contests[edit]

Essay Writing Contest[edit]

Why is the primary role of technology to improve humanity? You can read more about the essay and prize: here.

Excalibur Award

New Support Option[edit]

 Coder Merlin™  has added a new support option to assist you with questions about the wiki,  Merlin Mission Manager ,  Merlin Mavens™  Mentors and help you with any issues that arise. Simply click the new "Support" option in the header of any page. Note: The account credentials of this ticketing system are SEPARATE from those used for your Shell Account and the wiki.

New Support option.png

Newly Installed and Updated Services[edit]

Emacs JSON-Mode[edit]

Emacs json-mode is now available by default. You can activate json-mode with ALT-x json-mode RET

Emacs PHP-Mode[edit]

Emacs php-mode is now available by default. You can activate php-mode with ALT-x php-mode RET

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