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After you've been invited and have provided your email address, you should receive an email from  Coder Merlin™ . Please confirm that you are able to log on to the shell. You'll need to do that first and set a password before proceeding to the wiki.

The Shell[edit]

You'll need a shell account to set your login password. Your credentials for the shell account and the wiki are the same. If you are unfamiliar with using ssh, please review Shell.

New Articles[edit]

Before authoring a new article, please review the following articles to understand the general writing style and layout:

General Rules[edit]

  • Observe the wiki style guidelines for CoderMerlin. They are on the style guidelines page at StandardMarkup.
  • All images must be original and uploaded to the wiki OR obtained from WikiMedia Commons.
  • Be sure to perform your updates on the wiki (rather than in a separate editor), and do it frequently, even if the article is incomplete. This enables us to provide relevant feedback to you as you progress. It also quickly trains you in wiki markup.
  • Formatting markup instructions are on the Formatting page.

A New Author's To Do List[edit]

  • Review how to ssh into a Shell. You can use the convenient article linked in this article!
  • Log-in via instructions in the Shell article according to your OS, and update your password.
  • Review existing articles, such as the ones listed above, for deeper understanding of CoderMerlin standards and formatting.
  • Review Code of Conduct to ensure you are upholding community guidelines!
  • Review StandardMarkup.
  • Update New Authors article (this article!) with notes, as instructed for first assignment!
  • Update manager/CoderMerlin team as needed.
  • Be certain to add a brief comment when submitting an update to an article.