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What is JSON?[edit]

JSON, known as JavaScript Object Notation or JSON for short, is used to store and transfer data in an easy and accessible way. JSON is easily readable code that has a wide diversity of functions including communication with Web applications. JSON consists of data objects using attribute-value pairs as well as arrays. Originally derived from Javascript, many other modern languages have included JSON-formatted data.

JSON example

JSON advantages?[edit]

JSON carries many advantages including the fact that it is simple and lightweight coding wise as well as easy readable syntax. Reasons why JSON might carry advantages over xmL, etc. because they have a wide range of supported browser compatibility with numerous operating systems.

JSON Basic Elements[edit]

General syntax rules for JSON include Data in name/value pairs and Data that is separated through a definitive divider, like a comma. There must also be at least two sets of brackets, one for objects and another for data sets. For a more in depth explanation ...

  • JSON is based on object notation of javascript including the basic elements:
  • Objects: Objects contained within JSON data structure will begin and end with brackets
  • Object Members: Members consists of strings and values separated by commas
  • Array: A display or range of data represented within braces []
  • Values: Anything that is a string, object, an array, or literals
  • Strings: Surrounded by double quotes and contains unicode colon (:), with members and values separated by commas. True, false and null.characters are escaped

Ex. [

   {firstName: eeeee, lastName: eeeee},
   {firstName: aaaaa, lastName: aaaaa}, 
   {firstName: ooooo, lastName: ooooo} 


JSON Values Example

Uses of JSON:[edit]

JSON is intended as a data serialized format. The JSON format is similar to the code for creating JavaScript objects so, a JavaScript program can easily convert JSON data into JavaScript objects. Because this format is text only, JSON data can easily be sent between computers, and used by any programming language. There are multiple types of JSON. JSON-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol built on JSON as a replacement for XML-RPC or SOAP because it is a simple protocol with a lot of data types and commands. It lets the system send notifications and calls to the server. While JSON is a data serialization format, it has seen ad hoc usage as a configuration language. Its support for comments and other features have been deemed useful. This has led to multiple non-standard JSON being created like HJSON, HOCON, JSON5,..

JSON Data Usage:[edit]

JSON is a popular format for text that is used frequently in modern applications on mobile and web applications. Because of its versatile functionality, it can work with many types of data. It can send unstructured data to other applications, making it a valuable part of our daily lives. It is also the main structure that is used so that information can freely flow between web pages and web servers.