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Knowledge and Skills Goal[edit]

Demonstrate proficiency in managing files and processes using a command line interface (Level 10)

Available Experiences[edit]

 Experience IDClassroom timeStudy timeAcquired knowledgeAcquired skill
Digital JournalW100520 minutes30 minutesunderstand the purpose of a digital journal
understand the purpose of reflection
creating a digital journal in the proper format
EmacsW100445 minutes240 minutesunderstanding that documents are preserved in files
understanding the difference between document files and temporary files
creating a new file, opening an existing file, saving modifications to a file
marking a region of text and cutting, copying, and pasting text
navigating forward and backward through a file by character, word, sentence, and line
navigating to the start and end of the document
searching for text incrementally (forwards and backwards)
starting, stopping, and suspending emacs
HTMLW1004.5030 minutes30 minutesunderstand the purpose of HTMLcreating an HTML page using proper syntax
ShellW100260 minutes180 minutesdifferentiate between a CLI and GUI
understand files, directories, and their organizational hierarchy
understand of the client-server model
understand processes
understand the purpose of a prompt and cursor
ability to append text to an existing file
ability to create new text files
ability to create new, empty files
ability to delete files and directories
ability to move and rename files and directories
ability to successfully determine location in the file hierarchy
ability to successfully navigate the file hierarchy
ability to suspend and resume processes
ability to terminate processes

Command-line interface

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